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If the poetry on this website and in my publications “speak to your condition” (a wonderful old Quaker phrase), please consider inviting me to do a public reading.

Since the publication of my first poetry collection, Sorting Things Out, I have had the opportunity to do readings in libraries, schools, churches, book groups, retirement facilities, community clubs and various poetry venues.  These gatherings are designed to facilitate a conversation between the poems, the audience and the poet.  The enthusiastic response to these events has been gratifying.

Fees for these readings are negotiable, depending on the financial circumstances of the inviting organization.  Often the only charge is reimbursement for my out-of-pocket travel expenses.  I feel deeply honored by an invitation to share this poetry, and I love the conversation with the audience that is a regular part of my readings.

Following is a small sample of places that have hosted these readings:

Plymouth Public Library, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Old South Church, Boston, Massachusetts
Andover Newton Theological School, Newton, Massachusetts
Carlton Willard Village (retirement community), Bedford, Massachusetts
First Methodist Church, Lincoln, Nebraska
Channing Memorial Church, Newport, Rhode Island
Newport Public Library, Newport, Rhode Island
Unitarian Universalist Society, Sterling, Virginia
        Congregational Library, Boston, Massachusetts

Interested in exploring the possibility of a reading?  Contact me at or call at 774-269-5564.
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