Charles Harper Poems Graphic
“What a wonderful book of poems.  It has taken my breath away.”
Peter C. Leverich, Editor, Avocet, A Journal of Nature Poems

“I was moved time and again by one revelation after another.”
Bill Moyers, PBS, Bill Moyers Journal

“This poetry made me ponder, chuckle, shed a tear and feel wonder.”
Jake Smith, Africa Development Specialist

“A unified work of beauty and art from the cover to the last page.”
Judy Snow, Co-founder, Tidepool Poets

“Charles Harper is a deep thinker who confronts a host of hard to sort out subjects ranging from love and relationships to spirituality, God, prayer, death and dying.  He reaches deep into his own soul and consistently serves up exceptional food for thought.”
David A. Lucht, Artist and Fire Prevention Specialist

“This poet extraordinaire explores the whole range of human experience, comforting, challenging and frequently eliciting simple awe and wonder.”
Robert Rogers, Emeritus Professor of Religion, Hampden-Sydney College

“I had not been a poetry reader.  But after attending your reading a few months ago, I went to the library and checked out several volumes.  I continue to enjoy poetry."
Douglas Hagen, Sales Representative

“Wonderful – full of the beauty and perils of being human.”
Marleen von Goeler, Plymouth, MA

“These are poems to which I return time and again.”
Rosalee Sinn, Heifer International

“Your book sits on my desk and is enjoyed daily.  With many favorites and many more percolating inside me, it is ‘Anniversary’ that draws me today.”
Richard Sparrow, Pastor, Waterloo, Illinois
Poetry by Charles H. Harper
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